Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Lupulin Citridiculous

Lupulin Citridiculous. Double IPA. 7.75% ABV. 60 IBU. Thanks to the Sample Man for the growler.

Heavily clouded, amber/peach-toned appearance, slim white head. From the looks alone, are they going for a “NE IPA” with this one?

In the nose: bright, vibrant, and sunny. Plenty of citrus, with liberal does of the tropical. Pineapple smothers grapefruit. Lime matches mango.

In the mouth: more of the same. And plenty juicy, just like a NE IPA needs to be. Low bitterness. Tasty malts. Medium bodied, long hoppy finish. Good drinking. Tropical notes abound in the flavor. Citrus takes it over again and drops the orange, grapefruit, lemon. Delicious.

What they say: A ridiculous amount of Citra hops were added to this beer throughout every stage creating an explosion of citrus and tropical flavor in your glass.

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