Thursday, May 25, 2017

Fair State Vienna Lager

Fair State Vienna Lager. 5.3% ABV.  25 IBU.

Clear, amber-colored, slim white head.

In the nose: toasted malts, light, snappy, herbal hop presence. Clean and classic.

In the mouth: Lively hop attack at the top, then along comes the lush malt. Toffee/caramel tones dominate the palate, but it’s no battlefield. All is smooth and full of flavor. Bitter and sweet in a continual tango, comfortably co-mingling. Medium bodied with a long, malty finish.

I’ve had this before, but never reviewed it. Lagers are just going to be one of the last categories I chose from when I take something home from the taproom or liquor store. Getting a big 750 crowler from the Sample Man gives me an extra reason to take notes.

If you are the kind who is inclined to enjoy a Vienna lager from time to time, by all means make it one of these.

Here's their words about it: Our interpretation of the classic Vienna lager - pale amber in color, medium bodied, ever so slightly toasty from Munich and Vienna malts, complimented by a grassy noble hop nose.

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