Saturday, May 20, 2017

Central Waters Brewers Reserve Bourbon Barrel Cherry Stout

Central Waters Brewer’s Reserve Bourbon Barrel Cherry Stout.

Full-on black, slim brownish ring of foam.

In the nose: roasted malt meets sweet fruit, with a touch of tart.

In the mouth: More of that. Some cocoa/chocolate, roasted malt gets smothered by the cherry, which is then covered up by the barrel. Bourbon takes command. Cherry and a touch of vanilla coming through. Nicely textured, a bit of tannins on the palate. Some tart, some sweet, and a lot of complexity happening. I like this one, I do, indeed.

From the website: We throw 75 pounds of tart Door County cherries into each oak barrel with a rich imperial stout then age it for 6 months. Cheers!

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