Friday, May 26, 2017

Oliphant / Brewing Projekt Hero Squad

Oliphant Brewing and The Brewing Projekt present…

Hero Squad Collaboration Team Up. A Bright Red Belgian-style Ale with Currants and Mosaic Hops. 6% ABV.
In brewing, it’s called a collaboration. In comics, it’s a team-up. Here he have them both. The Brewing Projekt, established in 2015, is a concern I've never heard of until now, located in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. These cans are not available in Minnesota, unlike the crowlers from Oliphant themselves, but my friends over there slipped some cans across the border for me, those sweethearts.

Solid redness, very hazy, slim white head.

In the nose: lightly fruity and floral. Some citrus notes. Sweet and lovely. Very nice.

In the mouth: Plump and bulbous. A sweet thing in the mouth, but balanced and ending on a dry note. Medium bitterness, lush malt, very clean and a pleasure to drink. Sweet malt kept in check and provides delights.

Good beer and you can sure as heck drink it.

On the label: “The acid storm was fierce….Unrelentless. Mr. Glass was transported through the rain portal. Gem boy meditates. In his quartzite heart drums the book’s rhythms. The book of forgotten power….the book of fire. Together they are quasi-dimensional time heroes. Together they are….”

It’s strange for me to say such a thing, but maybe they’ve read one too many comic books over there at Oliphant. I’m kidding, of course. I want to see them go even further with the weird stuff.

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