Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Prairie Pe-Kan

Prairie Artisan Pe-Kan. 11.5% ABV. Imperial Stout brewed with copious amounts of vanilla & pecans.

Solid blackness, thin, tight brown ring of foam above.

In the nose: Cream, cocoa, nuts. Chocolate ice cream, with pecans on top.

In the mouth: Arrives on the palate clean and luscious, sweet, but balanced. A decadent treat. Floods the mouth with flavor. Bombs the palate with malty delights. Alcohol heat slowly but surely creeps in, but doesn’t intrude too harshly.

I was surprised that the pecans are so muted and mellow. Do I expect big things from this brewery?  Big, loud things? Perhaps. I also expect highly quality, sound construction, expert execution, and no shortage of taste. This one’s got it all and then some.

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