Friday, June 2, 2017

Bent Paddle Valve Jockey #2: Imperial Kvass

Bent Paddle Brewers Series Valve Jockey #2: Imperial Kvass: Rye Brown Ale with Raisin Lemon Peel & Spearmint.

I'm a little behind on this one. It came out 3 months ago, but I never got a keg for Acadia because we'd just done the release party for Valve Jockey #1 and there was plenty of BP beers around. Took me a bit to buy a bottle...then it waited in my DBF (dedicated beer fridge), then I took notes and they waited their turn. I've procrastinated getting internet at my new home, and these notes sat in the queue  as I procrastinated adding information about what the heck a "kvass" is, as other notes got published whenever I'd find myself where Wi-Fi, I'm a procrastinator, you knew this about me already, what are you complaining about?

What the heck  is a kvass? I’ll find out sooner or later. (Swiped this off of wikipedia: Kvass is a traditional Slavic and Baltic fermented beverage commonly made from rye bread, known in many Eastern European countries and especially in Russia as black bread. The colour of the bread used contributes to the colour of the resulting drink. It is classified as a non-alcoholic drink by Russian standards, as the alcohol content from fermentation is typically low (0.5–1.0%). It may be flavoured with fruits such as strawberries and raisins, or with herbs such as mint.

Lightly hazed, deep amber/ near crimson coloring, slim whitish head.

In the nose: Spicy Rye malt pops up first, and a little of the raisin, too. Interesting stuff, so far.

In the mouth: Spice gets bigger, and now that lemon peel is showing off it’s citrusiness. Smooth, malty, sweet. Little from hops here, but well-balanced. And damned tasty. Complex combination of flavors. They work. It’s doing it for me. Good kvass and you can drink it.

6.5% isn’t usually what we think of when it comes to “Imperial” beers, but compared to the 1% that’s typical of kvass, I guess that counts.

Here’s what the brewery says: The Imperial Kvass | ABV: 6.5% IBU: 10 is the second release in our 2017 Valve Jockey Series showcasing the taste and talents of our brewery team was created and brewed by brewer Bjorn Erickson. Kvass is a fermented beverage made in Slavic areas from rye bread and other sugars and spices. This ale is an interpretation of that format, designed to be a warming, hearty drink full of bright zest and bready malt flavor. Bjorn brewed this Imperial Kvass with raisin juice, lemon peel & spearmint. 5% of the proceeds for this beer will be donated to Bjorn's charitable pick of the Chester Bowl Improvement Club in Duluth, MN. ~Budmo

Who’s “Budmo”? Is that a name? I’ve got to meet this Budmo. Or, do I?

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