Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Fulton Pils

Fulton Pils Continental Pilsner. ALC. 5.3% by Vol. 30 IBU. Fulton Brewery, MPLS, MN.

Clear, bright golden, beautiful ivory head atop, leaving lace, highly carbonated.

In the nose: nicely hopped, floral and spice notes,  classic pilsner aroma.

In the mouth: Enters softly, sweetly, then nicely hoppy and dry. Clean, lean, exquisitely down able. Mmmm, hey, this is nice.

I’ll skip the part of the post where I remind the reader that I don’t normally opt for lagers or pilsners. That issue is off the table when the beer is as tasty as this one.

Inspired by the pale lagers of Central Europe, Fulton Pils, is craft from Pilsner malt, noble hops, and Pilsner yeast. Elegant and refreshing, classic yet transcendent, Pils leaves your senses wanting for nothing, —except another.”

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