Monday, June 19, 2017

Lupulin Apricot Blonde

Lupulin Apricot Blonde, Blonde Ale with Fruit. Lupulin Brewing, Big Lake, MN. "Summer in a Can." 5.5% ABV. 14 IBU. 16 fl. oz.

Here's one I tried when I visited the taproom last year and liked. Mr. Sample Man brought me some cans, and I took notes on one. Here they go....

In the eye: hazy, apricottish coloring, slim white head, looking very nice.

In the nose: Sweetness and fruit, minimal bitterness, quite pleasant.

In the mouth: Apricot sweetness blesses the palate first, and glides all over the tongue. Light bodied. Easy-drinking. Slight bitterness pops up a little bit. Nice carbonation. Sweet, fresh fruit is all over this. When the can is empty, you can crush it. As for the beer, it's good and you can drink it. It's quite delicious.

From the label: "When winter finally loses it's grip on Minnesota, it's time to head outside and enjoy the warm weather. To mark the occasion, we brew this fun and refreshing beer made with real apricots. Perfect for enjoying on a sunny day on the lake!"

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