Monday, June 19, 2017

Ska Modus Mandarina India Pale Ale

Another Ska can from the Sample Man, and this one I haven't had before. Let's check it out!

Ska Brewing Modus Mandarina. 6.8% alc. by vol. Ska Brewing, Durango, CO.

"India Pale Ale dry hopped with Mandarina Bavaria hops and brewed with orange peels."

There are a bunch of words ringing around the top of the can: "Crush - Recycle - Reticulate - Smarten - HalfTime - Recycle - Bevy - Forest - Zest - Kyle - Recycle." Not all of these make a lot of sense, guys. I'm looking at you...Kyle.

Clear, bright orange coloring, nice, cream-toned head.

In the nose: vibrant mandarin orange aroma smack the nose up first, following by more bitterness, more citrus, a good dose of pine.

In the mouth: Once more, fiercely bitter up front, with citrus notes coating the palate, hanging in for the long haul. Medium bodied, light malt, nothing but hoppiness. Turn straight around if that's not your thing. It is, as has been routinely established, my thing, indeed.

Hopheads, go get this one. Totes legit, as the kids are sayin.'

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