Monday, June 26, 2017

Golden Road Wolf Pup Session IPA

Golden Road Wolf Pup Session IPA. Golden Road Brewing, Los Angeles, CA. 4.5% ABV. 50 IBU.

"Refreshingly Hoppy with a wildly aromatic citric character." they said. And the name, I get it. The hop plant is known as "the wolf among the weeds," and here's a junior version.

Lightly hazed, bright golden he, slim-ish white head.

In the nose: Big, bold citrus, lemon, grapefruit, pithy peels, just shy of astringent.

In the mouth: Brash hoppiness meets the palate first, but pleasantly. Very nice bitter buzz. More lemon and grapefruit, persistent bitter buzz. Light bodied, minimal malt, easy drinker. Very nice session IPA, West Coast-style. Go ahead and drink it.

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