Monday, June 19, 2017

Oliphant Ayguantu! ESB with Apricot

Last Sunday, I had the opportunity once more, after an absence of a few months, to do that one-two trip of Oliphant Brewing in Somerset, then off to Dave's BrewFarm in Wilson, Wisconsin, thanks to my buds Jason and Angie.
Whenever this happens, I try to take full advantage and bring home as many new-to-me beers as I can to review for this here blog-y thing.
At Oliphant, there were five beers that haven't had a post devoted to them at the Nib, and I brought home four of them in growlers and crowlers. Why not five? Well, I watched as Jason and Angie enjoyed their Hobotown Gose and sampled a little, but when I went up to the bar to get my own, it was all gone, dag-nabbit, and there were no pre-filled crowlers. The hot weather of the weekend demanded a salty sour wheat ale, and this gose comprised 70% of their sales, they said.

Oh, for sad, I guess I'll soldier on, with these notes on an apricot ESB:

Oliphant Ayguantu! ESB brewed with apricot. 5.4% all. by vol. canned 6/7/17. Purchased 6/11, consumed 6/18. Oliphant Brewing, Somerset, WI.

In the eye: Heavily hazed, dark amber, chestnut coloring, large, lace-leaving whitish head.

In the nose: fruit, malt, hops. Sweet, but balanced. The beer stands above the fruit, mingles with it, doesn't let it take center stage. Plenty of earthy malt notes to match the fruit.

In the mouth: hops are more prominent on the palate than hinted at in the nose. Juicy malt, tasty fruit, clean hops, medium bodied, and quite a drinkable treat. I will enjoy this entire crowler.

What is Ayguantu? A meme? A youtube video? Something from Dragon Ball z, or Tim & Eric? And why is Goofy, or some version of him, involved in the chalkboard illustration? I forgot to ask, and shall relish the mystery for the moment.

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