Monday, June 19, 2017

F-Town Moon Boots Peanut Butter Porter

F-Town Moon Boots Peanut Butter Porter. A peanut butter cup for your glass. 24 IBU, 5.1% ABV. 1 pint can. F-Town Brewing, Faribault, MN.

Dark brown color, slim tan head.

In the nose: peanut butter aplenty, with a side of cocoa. Sweet, nutty, delightful.

In the mouth: Rich, full body. Loads of peanut butter-y/chocolatey sweetness. No hop presence, massive malt, fairly smooth and tasty.

In the ongoing peanut butter porter / stout wars that have been plaguing our beer scene of late, this one has every right to be a contender.

“Unwrap the delicious aromas of your favorite peanut butter candy bar! Moon Boots is a treat to the senses with rich notes of peanut butter and hints of chocolate.”

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