Monday, April 3, 2017

Fair State Stupid Sexy Flanders!

Fair State Stupid Sexy Flanders! 5.9% ABV. 8 IBU. Fair State Brewing Co-operative, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Fully opaque, richly burgundy colored, slim off-white head.

In the nose: ah, the funk and the fruit! Big sour, intense, and rich with cherries and berries. I detect a hell of a lot of oak, too. (Dang it, have to stop cussing so much.)

In the mouth: Immediate interaction of sweet and tart. It's as if Nelson Muntz joined the Flanderses flock. Haw, haw-diddly! Super pucker! Whoa. Jammy fruit, lush and lovely. Full body, lush malt, ultra-yum. Mmmm, delicious, and so terrifically complex. Tons of fun. Very oak-illy d'oh-killy. Almost makes me want to call Ann Landers a boring old biddy. Raspberry, blackberry, all the berries. Including my first, and last, blackberry schnapps. I was more animal than man!

Whoa. This is easily one of the best Fair State beers, yet, and there have been a lot of them.

Hey, there's some stuff on the label, what's it say? "Hi-dilly-ho, beer drinkereenos! This isn't the Widow-maker or the Spinebuster, it's a mixed culture "Flanders style" sour red fermented with our house Lactobacillus and Brettanomyces. Toasty dark malts, funk, acidity, and an annoyingly positive disposition."

You know if all beers were like Stupid Sexy Flanders, there'd be no need for Heaven. We'd already be there.

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