Thursday, April 13, 2017

Pipeworks Lizard King

You know, I've noticed that I've done a lot of IPAs lately. Sometimes it seems like that's all I drink. But it's not true, of course. Here we have a dry-hopped pale ale, and that's something quite different.

Pipeworks Brewing Company Lizard King Mosaic Hopped Pale Ale. Ale. 6.0% by Vol. Brewed in Chicago, IL.

Clear, very pale yellow color, vast ivory head, looking great.

In the nose: flowery and citrusy. Abundantly citrusy. Lemon and lime dominate, some orange lurks below. Big load of sunshine in this.

In the mouth: Big citrus, big bitter, and a mighty pucker, as well. Juicy, tangy, and oh, so tasty and refreshing. Ah! Pretty much nothing but Ah! Lean bodied, light malt, crisp and lively. A little juicy meets with the bitter. Nice stuff.

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