Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Schell's Maifest German-style Maibock

I can't keep up with all the new beers, though I try and try. But I do feel that I have to check off the old beers, of course. Have I not had Schell's Maifest once in the past six or so years? Sadly true. So, I'm drinking this one, and looking back on notes from 2004. April 21 to be exact:

School's Maifest, German-style blonde bock. August Schell Brewing, New Ulm, MN. 6.2 % ABV.

Clear, faded crimson color, adequate, spotted beige head.

Aroma is clean and malty, rosy sweet, subdued.

Taste: smooth, very light, unobstrusive entry on the palate and definitely classifiable as tasty, rich, buttery, bright, with toffee-ish malty tones.Good mouthfeel, hangs fully and solidly on the tongue, a very tangible maibock, bright coppery, I like the way this lays in the mouth.

Good drinkability, too, but I like bolder, more substantive maibocks better, so, as much as I appreciated this bottle, Schell's has to get in line behind some superior offerings.
Good, though, I'd never say no to one!

Looking back on my thoughts of 13 years ago, what was I thinking? How does higher alcohol mean "superior"? Simply untrue. Ain't nothing wrong with a maibock under 8% ABV. In fact, it's pretty normal. This one is damned delicious, without the buzz of high alcohol.

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