Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Lagunitas 12th of Never Ale

Ale 12th of Never Lagunitas. (that's how it reads on the can!)
5.5% 45 IBU.

Clear, pale yellow, fluffy white head, lovely as a cloud.

In the nose: .......minor citric hop character. Rather quiet.

In the mouth: Lightly hoppy, citrusy. Light bodied, long-lasting bitterness on the palate. Nice and lemony, and, yep, papaya-y, bright and shiny. Lean bodied, expertly drinkable. Smooth and hoppy. Zesty and downable. Yeah, it's a good beer and you can drink it.

The label of this can is overflowing with gobbledygook that I can't read (much of it having to do with Lagunitas finally putting a beer in cans despite previous protestations to the contrary), as usual, but I pulled this off the internet:

"The magical, mystical 12th of Never is a blend of Old and New School hops that play bright citrus, rich coconut, and papaya-esque flavors, all on a solid stage of English puffed wheat. Tropically hoppy. Light, yet full-bodied. Bright and citrusy. The 12th of Never Ale is everything we’ve learned about making hop-forward beer expressed in a moderate voice. Pale, cold, slightly alcoholic and bitter. It’s all we know."

Sorry, I'm not getting the "rich coconut", though. I don't know what they're smoking.....

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