Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Big Wood Jack Pine Savage American Pale Ale

Big Wood Brewery Craft Brewed Jack Pine Savage American Pale Ale, Pounder, 1 Pint, 5.3% Alc./Vol. Question: Why is there an umlaut over the "n" in Pine?

Clear, bright golden appearance, big, puffy, snowy white head on it. Looks nice.

Aroma: soft and lightly spicy, lightly fruity, lightly delightful, nice and bittersweet.

Taste: Tidy bite of bitterness up front, pleasant play on the palate, bits of fruit, pale ale action going on. Lightish bodied, clean and hoppy, lean malty body. Fairly innocuous stuff, does the job, drinks down easy, doesn't quite delight. Nothing wrong with it, just…nothing exceptional, either.

I wonder what they tell us on the can? Under a cartoonish depiction of a bearded lumberjack type, we read this: "Chances are good you know someone just like Jackpine Savage. He's the kind of guy that always has a plow on his truck with a cooler in the back. If you want to hear a good fish story, or need someone to run the barbecue, you bet he's your man. Brewed with all American hops, Jackpine Savage is a good time-gone great. Big Wood Tastes Great!"
I've got to share something with you all I've never been comfortable with the personification of beer. How does telling me what a dude and bro your beer is help me figure out how it tastes? Or is it all just a metaphor, and left up to my imagination? Whatever. 

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