Friday, August 23, 2013

Green Flash Double Stout

Green Flash Double Stout, Green Flash Brewing Company, San Diego, California. Fine, Hand-crafted Ales, Big, Bold, Complex. Alc by Vol. 8.8% ABV. 12 fl. oz. Otherwise refreshingly free of gobbledygook.  So, we need to break it open and try it out.

Appearance: solid blackness, creamy tan head, about a quarter inch, long lasting. Quite attractive.

Aroma: Ah! Wonderful roasted dark malt, with all the requisite flavors spilling out. Chocolate and coffee, licorice, molasses, cola. Below that, vanilla and cream. Very nice.

Taste: Nice bite of roasty bitterness jumps on board the palate, sticks it out, stays a while. Full-bodied, with all those rich, dark flavors joining the mix. Rich and toasted, with a blend of cocoa, espresso, and more. They're calling this a Double Stout, instead of a Russian Imperial Stout, for reasons of their own, but it carries many of that style's hallmarks. It's at nearly 9% ABV, and I'm not feeling it yet, but I'm sure it won't take long.

This is my last bottle out of a 4-pack, picked up in Wisconsin. The first three were fully enjoyed, and this last one was left for proper full inspection. It passed with all the appropriate colors, flying and otherwise. Tasty, tasty stout from Green Flash.

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