Friday, August 23, 2013

Firestone Walker Double Jack Double India Pale Ale

Firestone Walker Proprietor's Reserve Series Double Jack Double India Pale Ale, Firestone Walker Brewing Company, Paso Robles, California. Alc. by Vol. 9.5%.

  Appearance: Clear and golden-hued, slim, off-white head, long-lasting.

Aroma: Dank and pungent. Wide open and fuming with fruity and floral aromatics, crackling with hop bitterness. Citric fruits aplenty, with tropical, as well. Stone fruit, too. Orange and lemon meet mango and apricot. Lovely stuff.

Let's drink! That cornucopia of the aroma is plump on the palate, with hop bitterness hanging in close on the side. Just about perfect. Several ounces in, and the booze rises up. It sits happily in the mouth, and causes no fuss, just the general happy feelings we associate it with. Ah, yes. And, yum, yum.

Beautiful fruit, beautiful booze, beautiful bitterness. Mmm, yes. Soft mouthfeel, brilliant hoppy texture, long finish. How many ways do I love this wonderful beer? How many ways are there?

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