Monday, October 28, 2013

Alesmith Old Numbskull barley-wine

Notes from January, 2004, and a bottle just brought back from Wisconsin:

Cloudy appearance, a dep amber, a light burgundy, a soft orange playground for the delight I know wait within, and the foam is a sturdy well-retained creamy cap.

Aroma, sharp, ripe fruit, brandy, like boozed-up cherries, sharp, strong, utterly fruity, ...fantastically glorious, so inticing that I need a drink, and wait, here is one, under my nose!

Taste: a hell of a mouthfeel, oh, it fills you, with a full, lush malt, pow, pow, powerful, no baby-steps in the sipping here, no kid-gloves, the ripe fruit, plus intense flavor and full alcohol starts right off, with no relenting. And it continues, ever hotter, like warmed-up cognac, and it nearly stings, it's spicy, kicky, wow, wow, wow...much more than I expect, going into any barleywine. Rich, ripe, tasty fruit continues...I almost run out of things to say, this pleases so generally and so well,'ve got to be serious about it, with a 750ml of this bomb-a-long-a-ding-dong! Taste gets richer, riper, fruitier...ever-more delicious, if not terrifically strong, last tipple of the night, if that was a question.
Tasty, lip-smackingly delicious...I've got to end it there.
..I'm still drnking it, the jury's still out, except that I'm sure that is among my favorites. Serves as an above-average nightcap....good night, everyone!

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