Thursday, October 24, 2013

New Glarus Strawberry Rhubarb

New Glarus Strawberry Rhubarb, New Glarus Brewing Company, New Glarus, WI.
No alc. by vol. given, nor style. I suppose it's a "strawberry/rhubarb ale".

Pours a murky reddish hue, just like you'd have when you mix a rhubarb and a strawberry, with  a short, but staying pinkish head..

Aroma: sweet and creamy strawberry scent pops up first, with just a hint of tart behind it. Not quite brash, not quite delicate, just enough pleasant fruit in the nose.

Taste: Rhubarb brings the tart first this time, with strawberry providing the sweet. A tasty tango commences. Medium bodied, with a long, fruity finish. Doesn't quite come through with sour, but gets awfully close. It's all about the fruit in this one, and it's lip-smackingly good. Great dessert beer, a must for holidays.

Time to see what Dan and Deb tell us on the side label, and hope it's not too overblown and self-congratulatory.
" Teased from the loam by the kiss of the Sun Mom's Strawberry Rhubarb delights are the happy memories of childhood. Diploma Master Brewer Dan employed juicy sweet Strawberries to tame the barbaric wild tart fermentation of rhubarb. Escaped from the far corners of neighboring yards, local rhubarb was incorporated into the wild sour fermentation to create this drinkable dream. Bright sour and effervescent. Toast chilled cold to Bright skies, fireflies, bare feet, and rhubarb pies!"

Some information, some abominable stabs at poetry, some indecipherable parts, and no over-aggrandizing of the state of Wisconsin. I'll take it.

This would be awesome with ice cream, maybe better with sorbet.

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