Monday, October 28, 2013

Minneapolis Town Hall Apricot Hefe Weizen

So, I was a bit confused by this beer. Nothing exactly like it listed on BeerAdvocate, ...well, there was an Apricot Wheat, labeled 2012...and when you check the archives, there's another one and I wrote ...wait, maybe I didn't? Crazy....anyway, here come the notes!

Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery Apricot Hefe Weizen, …is it the same beer as one called Apricot Wheat, many years ago? Perhaps. Why not? But let's take new notes, nonetheless. (Stop with alliteration, would you, Al?)

Looking at it: Clouded, golden, slim, white head.

Smelling it: Apricots all over. Stone fruit paradise. Sweet and malty, with plenty of wheat-y esters, the heft wizen aromatics coming up from under and avalanche of fruit.

Taste: Little to no bitterness, just enough hops to keep balance. Sweetness is held at bay. Loads of fruit in the flavor, but not too much. A little hop bitterness starts to pop up, adding additional pleasure. Lush fruit flavor adds more, and consumability is maximized for even more, extra additional delight. Ends sweet and lightly bitter, smooth as can be.

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