Friday, December 20, 2013

Alesmith Yulesmith Winter Holiday Ale

Alesmith Yulesmith. All of the Alesmith beers I've recently purchased have been beers I've already tried, via trades, over the years. I thought this would be the same until I noticed that the Yulesmith that I sampled so many years ago was listed under Alesmith Yulesmith Summer, not Winter. This appears to be winter. And why shouldn't it? I bought it in winter. The brand wasn't available in Wisconsin in summer. And the label has Winter Holiday Ale on the label. And away we go.

Clear, bright crimson hue, , large and long head, puffy, creamy foam, leaving lace.

Aroma: malt-tastic, fruit-ariffic, a touch of vanilla, a whiff of cherry. Cocoa lurks below, caramel, too. A mystical mix. Ever-so hoppy.

Taste: Big fat mix of malt and a generous spattering of hops. Lots of caramel malt and toffee tastes below, with cirtus-y notes up above. yum. Big, chocolately malt, prodigious hoppiness. It's a So-Cal Christmas. Tast-ee. Yum-ee. So terribly complex and delicious. Love it.

there's a lot of red ink on a brown bottle. I can't read it. On the bottom, above the web address it says: "Serve in a pint at 50-55 degrees." I think the temperature is okay, but is a "pint" really what you want to recommend? Whatever, I did it in a "tulip." So sorry.

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