Thursday, December 5, 2013

Schell's Snowstorm 2013: Belgian Style Golden

Good time to for a Snowstorm, after our first major one of the year. And what do you know, they made another Belgian style, those fine folks at August Schell Brewing Company, this one a Golden Ale.

Maybe you read that stuff in my Summit Unchained # 14 about the need for a tulip glass, and the lack of a properly branded one. I actually used to have a Schell's tulip, long, long ago, and I cherished it, but, like so many pieces of glassware I used to love, they were called home. Oddly enough, it was branded for that Schell's ale that still confounds those who remember, the German-style Pale Ale. I only have two pint glasses from Schell's, nothing else. So, I'll dip into my vast Belgian glassware collection.

(Man, aren't you glad I don't dwell on this crap, every time? I wish that I had the right glass for every occasion, but where do I keep them all? Someday, I dream, the data cloud from the internet will enter the real world, and we''l be able to tap into our own private pocket universes, you know, to keep our stuff. Come on, scientists, work on it)

Blah, blah, blah, let's drink some beer, and let's make it a Schell's Snowstorm 2013. Hopefully it's a Belgian Style Golden Ale, Ale Brewed with Spices. And don't tell me about it's alcoholic strength, it's probably best that I have to search that information out on my own. Don't have any details on the 6-pack carrier, either, make sure that that packaging is so generic you can buy 10 years worth at once, and store them. Save money that way.

Man, does it look good in a Duvel glass Long-lasting, normlarge, bone-white head, clear, golden cast appearance, lace-leaving, though it takes some time to drift down. Fantastic.

Aroma: Ah! Bright and spicy, light and lovely. Just enough hops to tantalize the nose. Spices are just a little different from what I'm used to in a BGA (coriander, yes, chamomile, huh? Sure, why not.)

Taste: More ah. More mmmm. Light bodied, smooth malty body, (pilsner malts, I'm guessing)with just enough hops, just enough spice to make this a rewarding, tasty delight.

What do they say on the label neck, short and succinct, as always: "Coriander and chamomile add soothing herbal notes to this year's Snowstorm recipe. It is smooth and light in color, with a floral maltiness and warm rich spiciness."

You know what, it sure as heck does have all that.

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