Saturday, December 21, 2013

Hammerheart British Invasion English-style Pale Ale

Hammerheart British Invasion, Hammerheart Brewing Company, Lino Lakes, MN. 6% ABV.
My first growler from them, courtesy of Dave A. I'm about to tap our first keg of theirs at the Blue Nile, also, in a week or so. Same beer. But, Dave didn't know that. Actually, I told him, but he probably forgot. So, anyway, I don't have to wait until then, I can drink it up now, hurray! (Thanks, of course, for the gift, Dave. )

I think this is supposed to be an English-style Pale Ale? But there's nothing pale about it, cloudy, impenetrably so, dark, chocolate-y brown,  with a slim, milky-white head. I hear that filtering is
something that just isn't done at Hammerheart. Fine by me.

Aroma: sweet, rich malt-y flavors hit the nose first. Even-keeled as can be, with light hops. Delightful stuff.

Tasting it: Now the hops appear, pouncing on the palate. Fresh, lively, green and screamingly bitter attack on the tongue. Stays long. Grassy, and slightly citric. And it butts right up against this intriguing malt body. Getting creamy now, smooth and tasty, with hops keeping pace.

Good ale, this. Much malt, and highly hopped, with plenty of yeast character, at turns, hoppy, sweet, and dry. And utterly unlike any other beer. Fits the ancient, rustic theme this brewery thrives on.

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