Thursday, December 5, 2013

Toppling Goliath Smoove Opferator

TG Smoove Opferator brown ale. Named for a brewer by the name of Chad Opfer.

Appearance: So brown I'd think it was black. Under a toasty tan creamy head. Utterly opaque. Looking great.

Aroma: Ah! Toast and roast. Much malt, little hops. A little nutty, traces of anise, a deep and wonderful nose. Chocolate and espresso…this does not have the marks of a typical brown ale in the least.

Taste: Big, bountiful malt, with a bracing spray of hops on the palate. Bright and hoppy on the tongue, with loads of luscious, caramel-y  malt hanging tight on the bottom. It's a brown ale with all the trimmings, reaching into stout-dom. Medium-bodied, bold flavored, brisk carbonation. Many dimensions of taste, far more than you'd expect from any average brown ale. You're never going to say to yourself, "eh, it's a brown." Not gonna happen.

So satisfying, so rich and delicious. I am four for four with Toppling Goliath, not a single unsatisfactory or even only mildly enjoyed beer among them. Call me a fan.


Dave Anderson said...

Now you see why I have been pimping them for a couple of years.

AL MCCARTY said...

I bury my enthusiasm under a heavy reserve of disguised ambivalence.

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