Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Indeed Mosaic Fresh Hop Ale

Indeed Mosaic Fresh Hop Ale 2013.

Last year, Indeed came out with a fresh hop ale brewed with Centennials. This year, they did two, the second with Mosaic, that new hop that's making the scene.
This  came out in October, and the keg waited in our cooler until now. Better tap it while it's still fresh(-ish).

Clear, bright golden hue, big, beautiful, dotted white frothy head.

Aroma: sweet and bitter together. melon and pineapple plus apricot and peach. Delightful. Lovely. Ah….

Taste: Starts out mild, then the hop flavor starts to build. Fresh, vibrant, and full of tropical fruit flavors. Mellow mouthfeel, not too bitter, but very lively in the mouth. Lingering bitterness on the back of palate is juuust right.

There's another note in the flavor from this hop that is hard to pin down, but the description from the brewery keeps calling it "blueberry." And that's the closest thing I can think of, but it's not quite really that, though it does faintly remind you of that fruit. That's what beer tasting is all about, really, finding the closest thing you can to describe a particular flavor element, even if it is echoes away.

Lean bodied, clean, and ever-so easy to drink. (only 5.2% ABV.)

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Michael K. Gause said...

Good call on this one, Al. Had it earlier this fall. Really liked it.

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