Monday, December 16, 2013

Ter Dolen Kriek

Ter Dolen Kriek. Discover the Red "Ter Dolen Kriek", with it's mellow, sweet taste, and it's rich fruity flavor. Made with 100% real kriek juice. Product of Belgium. Ale brewed with spices and with natural flavor added. Kasteel brouwerij, Tilburg's Belgian Ale. Alc. 4.5% by Vol."

Bright ruby red, thoroughly opaque, slim white head.

Aroma: just a touch of tart, then juicy, pulp-y sweetness of the cherry. Fruit flavor is rich, but it ends on a dry note.

Taste: Puckeration at first, tart, lightly sour, then sliding off. Light bodied, but fully flavored. Ever so fruit-y. Refreshing, but just a little one-dimensional. Made with juice, not real cherries, unsure of the fermentation. As I continue throughout the drink, I'm less than impressed. It never says "limbic" anywhere on the label, which makes it a cherry ale, without the wildness.

Eh. That's how I'll leave it. Not bad, just nothing more than …eh.

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