Friday, December 6, 2013

Dave's BrewFarm BFF II (BrewFarm Funk #2)

Dave's BrewFarm Funk II (BFF-II), 5.5% ABV. Last time I was the ye olde  BrewFarm, BFF II was on tap, and BFF I was in growlers. Look what happened this time, I got to enjoy some BFF III on tap, and took this guy home with me. This creates a pattern. Where will we go from here? Where will we go.

I don't know, I just want to drink it.

Lightly hazed, ruby-tinged slim head.

Aroma: Tart 'n' funky. Fruity, but dry, not sweet. Vegetal notes. Remarkably singular.

Taste: Clean hop presence, a tight and tidy buzz, with fruity malt that end dry, and stays crazy. A little bit of creaminess interjects among the fruit.
Who brought the funk? Where did it come from? I'm going to jump ahead, and find out what Farmer Dave says…."Another tart -n- tasty BFF! Pils, abbey, Ashburne Mild and Aromatic malts, hopped with Warrior, Nugget and Simcoe hops and fermented with a Belgian strain. Pairs well with cured meats and creamy cheese!"

I'll have to take their word for that. I've already eaten, and now I'm just drunken'.
So, no certain word about what caused the funkification, but I'd place a wager on that "Belgian yeast strain." Lacto-? ( I say, because I can't spell baccylyccus.)
Body on this one is lean, funk fades just a bit off the palate, fruit and hoppiness stay around for a welcome while.

 If I were a true beer geek, I'd be complaining right now. "Where is the SOUR?!?! How dare you call this a SOUR?" "This is not "IN MY FACE"! It's not even in YOUR face!" "This is not funky enough! This isn't Bootsy Collins, it's PHIL COLLINS!"

That is the sort of things they'd say, if they were clever. In case you didn't know, this type of character that I've drawn is my mortal enemy. One of this type visited my bar one day, several years ago, when I had Two Brothers/Urthel's Moaten Flanders Red Ale on tap. It was described by the brewers as a lighter take on the style. That wasn't good enough for him. "They never should have released it, it's TERRIBLE!" (He didn't even drink any at this visit, had made up his mind earlier from a small sample at a liquor store tasting.)I later saw him at the "Where The Wild Beers Are" event that fall and he said to me: "I didn't know You like sours, Al. After all, You had Moaten on tap."

Those are the times when I wish life was a cartoon, and you could slide a chair under someone's ass, then, with a press of your own private EJECT button, send them flying into the stratosphere.

But, back to the beer:
In short, I like it. It is super groovy. Totally cool, especially supple, fine and lovely.
Yum, yum, yum. I do wish I had those meats and cheese, though. Maybe next time.

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