Thursday, December 19, 2013

August Schell Framboise du Nord: Noble Star #2, Berliner Weisse with Raspberries

August Schell Noble Star Collection: Framboise du Nord Berlin-style wheat ale with raspberries added. August Schell Brewing Company, New Ulm, MN. Bottled October '13. Ale aged in wood.

Bright, ruby red, opaque, short pink head.

aroma: tart and fruity, wheat, with lots of raspberry aromatics. Intriquing, arresting.

Taste: Big, dry sourness on the palate at first. The nose did a switcher, as you'd think you'd be met with sweetness. Fruit is adding some sweetness, just enough to keep the tart at, let's say, half-bay. Well-attentuated, with sweetness held back, only contributing flavor, and creating balance. The first Noble Star, the Berliner Weisse, sans fruit, was a full-on explosion of sourness. A crazy attack of the dry and tart wheat ale that is so rare to find. Hey, they explain the whole process on that little card around the neck. Here it is:

This would make a great after-dinner toast for a gathering of friends. Me, I'm drinking it solo, so I can take these notes, but at around $13 a bottle, it is best reserved for celebrations and sharing with your best pals. It's an intensive ale, exceedingly sour, and exceptionally dry. I like it.

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