Saturday, February 6, 2016

Alpine Pure Hoppiness Double India Pale Ale

Here's a beer I was excited to get a keg of (less than a dozen available to the state), jumped at the chance, and finally hooked it up a few days ago. Looking back, it seems that I'd had it for the first time over 11 years ago. Holy ---! It was November of 2004 that I first got my hands on this beer. I took a picture of the glass that I enjoyed on tap today, and now I share those original notes:

This beer's reputation and the exhuberant exultation of the label description have me greatly anticipating this bottle...hell, I'm glad the hunt is over and it's in my mitts at last, now all that's left is the experience..let it begin...

hey, I just cracked the crown and the happiness, and hoppiness has begun, it's freed from the bottle and into the glass...pure honey gold, fine head of pure white froth bobbing on top...

the nose, that's the treasure! Piney and sprucey, sweet tropical/citric fruits...gorgeous!...hop oils aplenty, raw and delicious, this is a heavenly thing, a halo fit for a hophead...I don't want to disrupt this lovely thing by drinking it, but I have no choice...the beer beckons..will it be as savory once past the lips?

A blast of bitterness, a phalanx of fruit, creamy and juicy, with an enhanced hop profile. Some what lightish in body, but the flavor is so high to render that moot, too huge in hoppiness, buzzing every inch of the mouth with the tasty hops..which ones? Amarillo, Cascade, Centennial? How'd I do?* Maybe more, maybe less, but whatever they are, they're there in plentitude.

this is an experience in a bottle, a very happy thing to have in the mouth, I'm an instant admirer, and have a new favorite to add to my must-drink column, ...although that reputation had already put it that it's been in my lucky stomach, it's assumed a rightful place among the greatest IPAs I've ever known. A real humdinger,...which means, literally, as far as humming and dinging goes, it's the real deal!

*I know know it's Cascade, Columbus, and H-something--whoops, I lost...

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