Friday, February 12, 2016

Insight "In The Halls of the Sunken City" Saison

In the Halls of the Sunken City Saison, with Sauv Blanc grapes, Insight Brewing, Minneapolis, MN. 7.8% ABV.

Clear, bright golden coloring, small white head, soon gone.

Sweetness in the nose, little spice and bigger fruit, classic saison aroma. Very nice.

Taste: boards the palate dry and stays there. Light bodied, with fruit from the yeast and light Belgian funk from the yeast. Easy drinking. Juicy fruity. Just enough of what you want from an entry-level saison. Pretty good beer, and you can drink it.

This one has one of my favorite tales accompanying it on the website: “… Somewhere between Le Parade de Beaucoup Mimes and the unpleasant business with the barnacled barmaiden, the hearty partying of the mystical city of Ys had pricked me with the pointy tines of homesickness. I cursed silently. My were-walrus valet was nowhere to be seen…”

They also say this: The fruity and light spiciness of the beer blends delicately with the grassy herbal characters of the sauvignon blanc grapes, leading to a wonderfully complex and exuberant beer.

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