Thursday, February 11, 2016

Boom Island Django

Boom Island Django Hop Bier. Alcohol 6% by Volume.

Clear, bright golden color, ivory head, long-lasting.

Classic hop aromas, some citrus and tropical notes, fairly clean and even. Fruity, with low bitterness.

In the mouth: goes down smooth, hoppy, and ultimately dry. With each new sip, the fruit, the bitter hop, the juicy malt, then dry again. I like it.

I'm getting the feeling that this is the replacement for Silvius Pale Ale, which has been retired. It's a good beer, and you can drink it, but I'm not picking up on what's particularly special about it. I was hoping that it would be even hoppier and even drier than it is. Can't alway get what you want.

"Inspired by the legendary guitarist, Django is the gypsy jazz of beers. Handcrafted in Minneapolis with Wapiti hops from New Zealand, pilsner and wheat malt, and a hint of citrus peel, this hoppy blond beer moves to it's own rhythm. Just like gypsy swing."

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Kevin Barrett said...

One of the few beers that actually lives up to its name this is a clear little lager It tastes really refreshing, and really clean.

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