Monday, February 29, 2016

Oskar Blues IPA

Oskar Blues IPA. Longmont, Colorado. Alc. 6.4% by Vol. Very little gobbledygook on the label, but for those oddments around the can: "To each their own till we go home...." and "Blue Dream." Okay. Whatever.

Clear, bright golden appearance, vast white head, lasting long and leaving lace.

Aroma: soft, fruity, even and clean. Some citrus, but mostly tropical, a little pineapple, and mango with the orange and lime. Lively and lovely.

In the mouth: crisp, and clean. Zesty, slightly bitter, smooth, and tasty. Medium-bodied. Lean and clean. Does the job. Increasingly citrus-y. Lemon blasts. Doing the IPA stuff, old-school. Yeah.

Good beer. I could drink it.

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