Sunday, February 21, 2016

Stone Delicious IPA

Stone Delicious IPA. India Pale Ale, lemondrop and el dorado hops. Bottled on 2/04/16.
7.7% ABV. 70 IBU.

Clear, bright golden hued, huge white head, drifting down slowly, leaving lace.

Beautiful citric notes in the aroma, lemon and grapefruit, orange peel and lime. Gorgeous.

In the mouth: more of that, in liquid form. Bold, brash, vibrant, and full of hop bitterness. Lean-bodied, but not necessarily thin. Finishing dryly. Not bad. Maybe now I know what a good gluten-free, or -reduced beer can taste like. But, I think I'm missing my gluten.
 Lordy, I love that gluten, mmm-hmm.

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