Monday, February 29, 2016

Stone Pataskala Red X IPA

Stone Pataskala Red IPA. 7.3% ABV. 75 IBU.

Beautiful crimson coloring, clear, nice creamy-toned head that sticks around a spell.

Highly hopped aromatics, like you'd expect from any Stone beer. Big citrus, grapefruit and lime. Matched with massive malt. Liking this loveliness.

In the mouth: it's a fierce one, pulsing with amazing hop punch. Pow, pow, pow, with a sturdy malt body below. Flavor never leaves. Palate is pounced, pleasured, and richly rewarded. Delicious malt flavors to match the hops, which play long on the tongue. It's a giver, this one, delivering flavor over and over again. Love it.

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