Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Bell's 30th Anniversary Imperial Stout

Bell's 30th Anniversary Ale Imperial Stout.
11% ABV.

Vast blackness, beneath a large and lasting rich brown head.

Aroma is deep, dark and oozing booze. Everything you want in an imperial stout seems to be here. Molasses, espresso, anise, dark fruits, smoke, char, chocolate, all the recurring character make a cameo.

Taste: Thick, rich, impressive. Floods and fills the mouth, hangs hard on the palate. Smoke, tobacco, cocoa, coffee, gritty and dense. Dense and immense. Out of bounds. Getting sweet, though never sickly so and thoroughly balanced, if something so huge can be called that. Booze rears it's drunken head and threatens sobriety. Ridiculously complex.


thanks to Bryan for getting me a bottle.

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