Sunday, February 28, 2016

Bauhaus ÜberDuber 2016 Imperial Sparkling Ale

Bauhaus Uberduber 2016, Imperial Sparkling Ale. Limited release. 8% ABV.65 IBU. One pint six ounces. Craft Ale. Proudly brewed by Bauhaus Brew Labs, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Clear. Bright and golden. Large white, lasting head.

Lovely aromatics. All kinds of fruit popping in this nose. Mostly grape, some stone, a little bit of tropical. Utterly lovely. Sweet and such forth.

In the mouth: Flush with grainy malt, met quick with moderate hops, a big, beefy and unconventional ale, with alcohol looming, growing, rising. Fruity notes play on the palate, rich malt has it's way with the roof of the mouth, hops do their thing on the tongue. It's big and it's tasty.

Mmm. I believe the word is, more accurately, yum.

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