Thursday, March 24, 2016

Dave's BrewFarm Choco Kaffe

This is one of those beers that Dave's been brewing for years, but I've never taken a growler home. Was I always just too late, and they were sold out? Or was it one of those things were I supposed I'd already written about it, passed, only to find out no, no, I hadn't.

Enough palaver, Onward with Choco Kaffee, 7.7% ABV, another not-to-style brew, with more details to be revealed later.

Dark brown coloring, short-lived cocoa/tan head.

Sweet chocolate notes hit the nose first ...a little bit of molasses, toffee, caramel in there, too...a restrained sweetness. Brown sugar. Decadence.

In the mouth: Brown sugar greets the palate first, with chocolate rolling in, followed by hints of coffee. Hops come on board next, spicy and slightly citrus-y, but it bubbling up from below the dark malts. Full-ish bodied, increasing richness, non-stop delight. Bitter hops keep a lid on the sweet.
Exceptionally smooth and delicious. Beautiful roast, excellent balance, all the right flavors...just a good ol' beer. Such a well-designed treat!

What's Farmer Dave have to say? "Pils, Caramel 120, and Kilned Coffee malts, hopped with Columbus, Brewer's Gold and Brambling Cross hops, dark brown sugar and fermented with a Belgian yeast strain. Smooth, roast and chocolaty!"

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