Sunday, March 13, 2016

Town Hall Snow Thief Session White IPA

Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery Snow Thief SWIPA, Session White IPA, 4.8% ABV. That is all that the website tells us. If I could ask just one thing of you, Town Hall, is that you tell us more about your beer, please. (Oddly, I can't find it on yet. I am not normally ahead of those geeks.)

Clear, pale golden coloring, slim, soon dissipating whitish head.

Aroma is soft, sweet, spicy, fruity, lightly hoppy. Nice

Taste: Jumps in the mouth with a burst of bitter hops, and a twist of spice, lays on on the palate, leaving the slightest astringency. Each new sip brings another bite of bitterness and spice, and a like it just fine. Easy drinking, mellow mouthfeel, light bodied. Sessionable for sure. Not sure why it has to specified as such, are the white IPAs usually so much higher in alcohol?

Anyway, it's a good drinker, and it has flavor. Not something I would pick over others, but there ain't nothing wrong with it. I'll finish this one. (and move on to the next.)I don't hate, but I don't love it, neither.

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Sean Lipinski said...

Hey, Al. This is Sean from Town Hall Brewery. Here's a little info on Snow Thief SWIPA.

Like a traditional Belgian witbier, it is spiced with coriander and bitter orange peel, fermented warm with Belgian yeast, and uses a large proportion of unmalted wheat along with pale barley malt. It is aggressively hopped like an American Session IPA. Kettle and dry hop additions are Centennial, Citra, Galaxy (AU), Mosaic, and Simcoe.

If you ever have any questions about anything THB related, feel free to email me

Keep up the great work!

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