Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Oliphant Gobias Coffee Black Ale

Here's a growler from my last visit to Oliphant back in December. I've been sitting on it, and that occasion has passed, and it's time to drink it up, the coffee black ale named for the conjoining of David Cross and Will Arnett. Let's open it up and drink it!

gobias. black ale brewed with coffee, 8.5% alc./vol.

Dark brown coloring, some reddish tints showing through the edges, with a creamy tan head up on top, lasting and leaving lace.

Aroma: creamy and malty, cocoa-y, soft and toffee-y....And then comes the coffee, nice and rich and roast and spicy and lovely....I love it.

Time to drink it: Coffee kicks it off right away, dripping with it, thick and sticky with the coffee and dark malts. Full-bodied. Satisfying. All the right parts are at play in this, just enough of everything. Just enough hops, tons of malt, plenty of coffee. I'm getting it all here, and I love it. I'll be back for more, definitely. They'll certainly make more, as they've told me it's one of their most popular beers.

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