Thursday, March 17, 2016

Indeed Lucy Kettle Sour Pale Ale

Growler filled on 3-9-16, finally consuming it on 3-16.
Indeed Derailed Series, Lucy Kettle Sour Pale Ale, American Wild Ale, 4.2% ABV. 27 IBU. Belgian yeast and lemongrass.

Slightly hazy, bright yellow coloring, slimmish white head.

Aroma: soft, hoppy, sour, funky, fresh, ......mmmm, yeah. I like it.

In the mouth: Fresh, zesty, funky, sour. All of that, with a blast of hops, and that extra zing of the lemongrass (which I wouldn't have picked out if I didn't know about it). Belgian yeast adds the funky power pop to this, and the hops just keep it clicking. Bright, citrus-y, lemon-y flavors. Mmmm. I'm gonna finish this growler.

Are kettle sour pale ales the wave of the future? Maybe? Just maybe. Let's wait and see. And, while we wait, I shall enjoy this.

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