Friday, March 25, 2016

Summit 30th Anniversary Double IPA

Summit 30th anniversary Double IPA.Alc. 8.5% ABV. Summit Brewing Company, St. Paul, MN.

Here's a beer I tapped a keg of at Acadia a while back, but I much prefer to take notes at home, if I can, than at the bar. So, I picked up a 4-pack today, and let's get cracking'....

Beautiful, bright golden coloring, lightly hazy, slim white head hold forth above.

Aroma comes tearing out of the glass. It's a tropical note nose, with citrus tones, too, and that's what I'm picking up without raising the glass to the nose. Piney, lemony, pineapple-y....lovely stuff. More fruity than bitter.

In the mouth: hop attack starts swift and sure, unleashing bitterness and fruity notes in unequal amounts. There's the prickly pine, the bitter fruit, and then it's altogether tasty. Body is lean and light, like a good DIPA ought to be, leaving the hops to shine, without a lot of malt muddying things up. I like this one quite a lot.

Here are the "flavor notes", if you didn't feel like clicking on the link. (Damn, I always get the wrong fruits! "mango, papaya..." Of course!) "Bursting with tangerine, papaya and mango hop aroma. Pronounced yet smooth bitterness with malt background of toast, slight caramel and bready notes."

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