Monday, March 28, 2016

Tallgrass Big Ricc Russian Imperial Stout with Coffee + Chocolate

Tallgrass Explorer Series Big Ricc Russian Imperial Stout with Coffee + Chocolate. Tallgrass Brewing, Manhattan, Kansas. 10.5% ABV.

Solid blackness, brownish had that disappears quickly.

Aroma is rich dark malt, chocolate flavors, molasses, a little anise, some spice.

In the mouth: bigger, richer, thicker, fuller, tastier. An intensive expression of rich malt flavors. Big time chocolate, increasing coffee, big time bitterness, just counter-acts the sweet. Great balance in this one, without sacrificing the bigness. Big all over. Biggity big, big, big. And super rich. Big and Rich and Not a County Duo.
Richness and Bigness that borders on thickness. No, it's there, it's sloppy damned good, in a big, thick, rich way. I wonder how strong it is....10.5%. Okay. that's Big.

Yum. Now that's an Imperial Stout. Yum. Oh, I said that? Well, it deserves repeating: Yum.

I don't know who this Big Ricc guy is, though, but his Russian Imperial Stout with Coffee + Chocolate is pretty damned tasty. (Wait. I get it now. Russian Imperial Coffee Chocolate= RICC. I am so slow sometimes.)

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