Friday, March 25, 2016

Oliphant Sensual Harassment Malt Liquor

There are very few malt liquors here in the Bitter Nib. In fact, there are none. I've reviewed them before, and you can find these on The only way they will appear here is if I re-try things like Colt 45 or Olde English 800. The only reason I reviewed them in the first place was that friends bought me bottles, or bombers, or 40's, or whatever, because they wanted to see what I would write. And in order to post those old reviews here on the Nib, I'd have to go out and buy a bottle, and put myself through that ordeal all over again. Not going to happen....probably not... who knows.

But I did buy a crowler of a craft brewed malt liquor from a favorite Wisconsin brewery, and took these notes late last night:

Oliphant Sensual Harassment. 11.2% ABV. Malt Liquor.

Clear-ish, golden-y coloring, small and short-lived white head.

Aroma is sweetly and malt-ish.  Grain-like, fruit-esque.

In the mouth: more of that. Sweet-like. Malt, yes, ....Grain-ish. Tasty? Kind of.....Big-type. Fullish. Thick-esque.  A classic craft beer malt liquor. I'm not really enjoying this. and I'm not glad they brewed it. There's better things to do with your time, and better beers to brew. Richness, thickness, slickness........

I left the notes there. Didn't entirely finish the crowler, 3/4 of the glass left unfinished on the night stand. Woke up feeling not-so fresh, kind of regretting the experience. It was my first time drinking it, I'd always passed on it when it was on tap at the brewery.

There was some controversy about the name, and how it might suggest sexual assault, which is not a cool thing to joke about. I think the name is fitting, as my senses were harassed a bit by this one. There's a lot of alcohol in it, and few rewarding flavors. One of the few OlipHant beers where I'd recommend you skip it, and find another tasty one to toss back.

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