Friday, October 13, 2017

Cosmos Buzzed Aldrin

Cosmos Buzzed Aldrin. Coffee Ale. Alc. 7% by Vol. 20 IBU. Cosmos Brewing, Hugo, MN.

Golden toned, lightly hazed, nice ivory head that slims down in due time.

In the nose: Earthy, nutty coffee notes hit first, with juicy malt just below. Smells of fresh ground beans. Delightful.

In the mouth: Straightforward, simple, and tasty as heck. Juicy malt mingled with coffee flavor. Virtually no hop presence, just the proverbial kiss. Maybe a little too sweet, though, but I get what they're going for. I'm really not liking lactose in beers these days, though there's no denying the affect it has, and the taste it delivers.

I like this. It's a bit like a beer Frappucino, but that's not going to be something I'll want too many of. One and done for me. (And I come off as a hypocrite for railing against "milkshake IPAs" while enjoying a beer like this.)

"Is there alien life out there?" Golden cappuccino ale is the best way to describe Buzzed Aldrin. A large coffee addition imparts both aroma and flavor, lactose bring sweetness and flaked grains round out the body. Looks like a pale, drinks like a stout. SAVE SPACE FOR BEER! Made with Alaska Artisan Coffee." 

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