Saturday, February 11, 2017

Bent Paddle Valve Jockey #1: Oatmeal IPA

Here's an example of how I could have saved myself eleven bucks. Two weeks ago, I hosted the local release of the first in Bent Paddle's new brewer's series, Valve Jockey, at Acadia Cafe. Brewer Neil Caron was there, as well as BPBC reps, and the fine beer-minded folks who had the good sense to come on down. And I could have taken a moment over the next 8 days to pour myself a pint and compose some notes, but as has previously been stated, I don't always do that for beers on tap where I  work. Or other bars, for that matter.

So, off to the store to find a bottle. (Eleven bucks?)And you know what, I also need to find a bottle of Climate Generation Black IPA, which we had on tap before and after the Oatmeal IPA. Why did it stay on tap longer than than the other? Is it, I suspect, because IPA drinkers are really racist? Oh, no, I didn't!

Okay, bad joke. I've stated over and over my indifference to the "black IPA". But I protest too much. Some of my best friends are black IPAs. Black ales matter, folks.

Onward to the beer.....

Bent Paddle Valve Jockey #1: Oatmeal IPA (aka Oatneil), 7.2% ABV, 80 IBU.

Clear, golden colored, fresh, ivory head atop.

In the nose: bright, citrus-y, hint of tropical, a little bitter, a little sweet.

In the mouth: Yeah! That's right. Big flash of bitterness, bold citrus flavors, with a trickle of astringency creeping down the throat. Medium body, smooth and tasty. Hop flavor never quits. Malt flavors are a joy on the tongue. Flat out delicious and definitely drinkable. This bomber is going down in no time flat. Damn good IPA, and, yes, you can drink it.

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