Saturday, February 4, 2017

New Holland Dragon's Milk Bourbon Barrel-aged Stout

New Holland Bourbon Barrel-aged Stout. New Holland Brewing, Holland, Michigan. 11% ABV.

Solid blackness, thin, but lasting rich brown head.

In the nose: it delivers. Huge chocolate, gigantic bourbon, very vanilla, mucho grande. Powerful whiskey. Fills the nose to the rafters.

In the mouth: Big and creamy, wide and expansive. Huge malt, richness and deliciousness. Vanilla, oak, whiskey, ....chocolate, espresso...everything nice.

This one was a night-capper for me, and I drifted away from the notes. Said what needed to be said, then got lost. It happens sometimes. Sometimes, it happens before the words get written down and I lose a review. Ah, well. Worse things have definitely happened.

Edit: This new label design threw me off. I thought it was a new iteration of Dragon's Milk, but it's just a new look. This beer first appeared here in the Nib nearly six years ago, using the first time I reviewed it from a bottle, almost 13 years ago. So, I've reviewed a beer twice, once more. Again, first world problems.

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