Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Town Hall Simcoe SMaSH

Town Hall Simcoe Smash. 5.3% ABV.

An American Pale Ale in the style of that popular NorthEast-style IPA that's becoming all the rage. Where once Vermont's The Alchemist told drinkers that their Heady Topper IPA should be consumed from the can, so that they don't decant into a glass and become unnerved by the haze and the cloudiness, the new approach is to see that glass that resembles orange juice and a taste that approaches that of pulpy grapefruit juice is a thing to be desired. There's a new standard of beauty in town. Are the nay-sayers merely being sticks in the mud, unable to see this new paradigm for the revolution that it is? Is it a gimmick? a trend? a flash in the pan?
I took a much better pic at the pub
than I did at home. 

When will we have the answer? No one knows. Meanwhile, Town Hall has made one. Here it is: Simcoe Smash.

Hazy, orange-ish hue, slimmed white head.

Bold, citrus-y, sweet, and bitter, too. Orange, tangerine, some grapefruit, lemon. Nice.

In the mouth: Boom. It hits with bitterness first, citrus fruit blasts the palate, with an undercurrent of sweet. Delicious. Nice, bitter, fruity, yum. Lean-bodied, and extra-drinkable. This one works for me.

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