Thursday, February 2, 2017

Central Waters Space Ghost Imperial Stout with Chili Peppers

Central Waters Space Ghost, Imperial Stout brewed with Chili Peppers. ABV unknown. Brewed and bottled by Central Waters Brewing, Amherst, WI.

Solid blackness, resting under a toasty brown cap. Looking perfect for the part.

In the nose: Right off, this has everything we want from an Imperial Stout. Tremendous depth, absurdly rich, evocations of all the dark delights, chocolate, espresso, anise, dark fruits, smoke, caramel, and more. We haven't even gotten to the peppers yet.

In the mouth: There they are! Peppery heat boards the palate first, charging ahead and setting it all aflame. There's plenty of richness and sweetness behind to back it up. With each new sip, the heat is ahead, but the rich malt is right behind it, holding down the fort, and keeping the palate safe from being burned to the ground.

I try to avoid the chili beers, but on the other hand, I'm partial to tasting all the Imperial Stouts. So, I had to check this one out, right? And you know what? I like it. Not going to turn into a favorite, but somehow I like it. Ain't bad at all. Very flavorful, very tasty, very delicious, and the heat's not too
much. I do not mind this at all. That's how much I like it. Just right.

Okay, Central Waters, you won me over. Just kidding. You already did.

From the label: "Out of the light and into the darkness comes an Imperial Stout with ghost peppers added. Space is full of mystery, darkness, and the heat of 1,000 suns. Don't fear the heat. It's the ghost that will get you!"

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